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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is as follows: Using the Custom Creation Request form, please indicate the style and color that you are interested in. Please provide a reference photo if possible, along with the date the wig is needed. Gigi will reply with the availability of the wig, cost including shipping and next open appointment. If the details are agreeable to the client, an invoice is created and emailed to the client. In order to confirm an appointment, payment must be completed. Gigi books all clients on an appointment basis, just like a hair salon. On the agreed upon appointment date, you will receive photos of the completed wig and it will be shipped out. It really is quite simple – hundreds of orders have been completed using this system and most clients find it easy, fast and clear.
Gigi books all custom work on an appointment basis. On any given week, there are between up to 10 appointments available and during an appointment, the wig will be created, photos of completed wig will be sent to the client and the wig will be packaged for shipment. Standard shipping in the U.S. is USPS Priority Mail 3-Day. Usually, Gigi is booked out 2-4 weeks in advance plus 3 days for shipping time.
Yes, Gigi accepts rush orders depending on her schedule for an additional $50.00.
Gigi can most likely special order the hair to create your desired wig. However, in order to do this, there are additional costs associated with placing a small order from a vendor. If Gigi is not placing an order in the immediate future, there may be a special order fee that applies to your request.
The standard shipping option for the U.S. is USPS Priority Mail 3-Day and it costs $15. If you need expedited shipping, please inquire about options and you will be invoiced for the additional service. Gigi does ship internationally, typically using First Class International mail or Priority Mail International. Depending on your location, expected delivery time varies, so make sure you order with plenty of time in advance. Sometimes there are fees associated with receiving merchandise from another country, called import duties. Please check with your country’s customs policies in order to determine if there will be a fee and what it may be. Gigi Monroe Designs is not responsible for customs fees that may apply to importing a wig.
In short, no. All payments must be made in full, up front, in order to receive an appointment on Gigi’s work calendar.
Unfortunately, this is a possibility. Out of over 300 wigs shipped via USPS Priority Mail each year, there have been a small

handful that have arrived to their destination obviously damaged in the shipping process. If this happens to you, take good photos of the package BEFORE YOU OPEN IT, including shots of the label and any exterior damage. Then take photos of the damaged product. Send all photos to Gigi so that a claim can be submitted with the USPS. In the meantime, you will either be refunded for the shipping and/or wig, a replacement will be sent or another arrangement will be worked out according to the client’s desires.

If the wig arrives in good condition, as it was photographed before shipping, you should love it! If for some reason it does not fit properly or the style is not holding, please contact Gigi immediately to discuss the situation. If the wig truly does not work for you, you will be asked to return the wig. Gigi will fix the problem, if possible, or you will receive a credit for another style. If you simply change your mind once you try it on, Gigi can work with you on styling it to suit you the best it can, but cannot accept a return.
The best way to find out what might be ready to ship is to follow Gigi on social media and subscribe to her newsletter. Gigi does about 75% custom work, so there are not many completed wigs around the studio ready to ship. Maybe someday!
Please contact Gigi through the contact form with your question.